Marc, was highly professional and he was there on a personal level as well. Marc was my rock during those stressful and scary times. My family and I, will always be grateful or his hard work and dedication to my case and it’s outcome. Marc was always a professional first, but he was great guy too. He always listened and had all my and my family’s best interests first. He cares about his clients and the effects on their families.


Marc was a very professional, realistic, and extremely helpful in my case. He was able to get a swift resolution and one that was more than fair. Always on time for meetings, court, etc. He was there to fight for me until the end and very glad that i hired him.


Couldn’t Be Happier
December 9, 2015

Hired attorney

Without Marc I’d certainly be in prison. Getting arrested with narcotics while being on probation. Violating my probation 4 times over. Getting my felonies to go away. Marc can do it all. He will fight to wits end for you and always wins. I am amazed by the fact that I am experiencing any sense of freedom and this point and Marc allowed me to have it in totality. I want you guys to be okay the law will mess with you but with Marc on your side there is NO NEED TO WORRY!


My Life/Law Changing Experience with Marc Milavitz

Marc Milavitz has already filled you in with the history of my case. I want to add how much I appreciate a person like Marc. He took my case knowing that it may not turn out the way it did. He believed in me and believes in people deserving a second chance. Working with Marc, he was very straight forward about all of the facts, the way the law works and the possible outcome. He never guaranteed me anything and I never expected him too. He was very real about the situation.

Looking back at the whole experience I find it hard to believe it was real. The days of the Federal Court System were the most stressful of my life. It was nearly three years of not knowing what my future was going to hold. It could have been prison on any given day. Without people like Marc Milavitz, Judge Pratt, and the judges in the Supreme Court who believed in me, I was able to continue my life without going to prison. They gave me a second chance at a great future.

I believe in second chances. I also believe that everyone makes mistakes. It all depends on what you learn from your mistakes and what you do with that second chance. In this experience I have grown as a person, I have made the first step in starting a family and I have created a successful small business. I am happy with my life thanks to the people who believed in me.

Brian Gall

Thoughts on Marc Milavitz

Marc is a great attorney. He really shines when he is in the courtroom, where it counts. That is due mainly due to his diligent preparation. He may seem somewhat unconventional at times, but he knows his stuff. Marc put in countless hours (days, nights, and weekends) preparing for my trial. He literally went over things, page by page, sentence by sentence, with a magnifying glass to uncover inconsistencies. I would not have gone to that level of detail, even knowing my own life was on the line. I am very appreciative of his thoroughness. In my case, he was able to get a potential life sentence reduced to a $50 fine (plus court costs, of course.) It’s nice to know you have someone fighting for you when the stakes are so high. I would highly recommend Marc to anyone in need of a good knowledgeable attorney who will work in your best interest.

David R.

United States v. Brian Gall



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