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Juvenile delinquency law and defense is a specialty and Marc has extensive trial experience in that area. Many people have the wrong impression that any criminal or delinquent acts committed while under 18 years of age automatically get wiped clean when they turn 18. This is a misconception and a juvenile record can follow a person for the rest of their lives.

Marc has successfully represented hundreds of juveniles who have been charged with crimes over the past twenty years, including children accused of violent assaults, sexual assaults, property crimes and other felonies. These charges can rip a family apart and Marc is sensitive to the dynamics involved in delinquency cases, especially when one child is accused of assaulting their brother, sister, parent or relative. Marc is aware of the special procedures and rights afforded to children in Colorado and how to protect their legal and constitutional rights in order to work as hard as he can to prevent them from having a permanent criminal history. He has been very successful in representing children in all areas of juvenile law, including direct file cases (where a child is charged as an adult), juvenile transfer cases, school expulsion and Dependency and Neglect cases.


United States v. Brian Gall



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