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Your own computer can become a witness against you in an Internet crime case. When technical evidence can be used against you, you need a lawyer on your side who is familiar with technical defenses.

I am lawyer Marc Milavitz. I defend people charged with all types of criminal offenses, including Internet sex crimes such as possession of child pornography and online solicitation of minors (also known as luring). I handle computer crimes such as identify theft. While I am located in Boulder, I represent people accused of sex crimes throughout Colorado and the United States.

Defenses in Internet Sex Crimes

Internet sex offenses are complex crimes. To protect yourself from devastating consequences such as lengthy prison sentences and lifetime sex offender registration, it is important to put your case in the hands of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Attempting to explain the situation to police is a huge mistake, as anything you say can be twisted around and used as evidence against you.

One of the most common Internet sex crimes is luring or online solicitation of a minor. In these cases, police pose as underage children to try to lead people into setting up meetings. As your lawyer, I can raise issues with the state’s case, such as entrapment.

Possession of child pornography is often charged as a federal crime, since federal sentencing guidelines allow for lengthy prison sentences. However, it can be difficult for the state to prove who downloaded an image if more than one person had access to the computer.

Child Pornography Defense Attorney Serving Longmont and Other Colorado Communities

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation with me, Boulder Internet crimes attorney Marc Milavitz, call 303-442-2166 or send me an e-mail through this website. I do offer a free initial telephone interview to determine whether or not I can help you.


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