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If you are facing federal criminal charges, it’s important to put your case in the hands of an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Sentencing guidelines are much tougher in federal court than in state courts. For a crime in which you have a good chance of probation in state court, the norm in federal court is prison.

I am lawyer Marc Milavitz. I am a member of the 10th District Criminal Justice Act (CJA) panel, which means I am fully qualified to be appointed to defend clients in federal court. I also represent defendants in federal courts throughout the country.

My federal court experience includes United States v. Brian Gall, a federal case involving a large drug conspiracy. I was Mr. Gall’s trial attorney and was a key member of the appellate team that won at the United States Supreme Court. This landmark case established an exciting and important rule favoring defendants in federal sentencing law.

I defend people charged with all types of federal crimes, including:

  • Illegal re-entry
  • Drug conspiracy charges
  • Large drug trafficking cases
  • Child pornography
  • Federal mortgage fraud
  • Federal weapons charges

Early involvement by an attorney is essential in any criminal case, but in a federal case it can make a big difference in the disposition of your case. Once charges are filed in a federal case, it can be very difficult to persuade prosecutors to drop charges. My goal in any federal case is to persuade prosecutors either not to charge you with a crime or to charge you with a less serious crime.

Drug Conspiracy Attorney Serving Longmont and Other Colorado Communities

For more information or to schedule an initial consultation with me, Boulder federal criminal defense attorney Marc Milavitz, call 303-442-2166 or send me an e-mail through this website. I do offer a free initial telephone interview to determine whether or not I can help you.


United States v. Brian Gall



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