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There is a lot of misinformation on the Internet about DUI and DWAI charges in Colorado. Some of this misinformation comes from the websites of lawyers who are not familiar with all of the legal and scientific issues involved.

I am attorney Marc Milavitz. I defend people charged with all types of impaired driving offenses, DUI per se, DUI, DWAI, DUID and UDD. I also represent people charged with traffic offenses such as reckless driving, no proof of insurance, speeding and negligent homicide. While I am located in Boulder, I handle cases throughout Colorado.

Defending You Against Civil and Criminal Consequences

Drunk driving in Colorado actually involves two proceedings: the criminal charges of driving under the influence and a civil case brought by the Colorado Department of Motor Vehicles to suspend or revoke your driver’s license.

If you are arrested for driving with blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, or if you refuse a breath or blood test, the Colorado DMV will begin a process to suspend or revoke your driver’s license. You have seven days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing with the DMV to suspend or revoke your license.

To protect your driver’s license, it is essential to seek a lawyer’s advice as soon as possible. Many people, acting on their own or with information gleaned from other attorneys’ websites, check a box on the DMV form requesting the arresting officer to be present at the hearing. Some lawyers recommend this, based on the hope that if the police officer does not show up, you will win your case. In most cases, this is a false hope, however, because police officers rarely miss DMV hearings or, if they have a conflict, have little trouble re-scheduling the hearing. It’s important to evaluate your case with experienced lawyer like myself before you decide whether you want the police officer at your hearing.

Many people also have the mistaken idea that DWAI (driving while ability impaired, which is typically a lower BAC than .08) is the only plea bargain for DUI charges. If your attorney can find flaws or missteps by the police officer to the testing lab, you may be able to obtain a much better plea bargain or even beat the charges.

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For more information or to schedule an initial consultation with me, Boulder DUI and DWAI defense attorney Marc Milavitz, call 303-442-2166 or send me an e-mail through this website. I do offer a free initial telephone interview to determine whether or not I can help you.


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