Who must register as a sex offender in Colorado?

Colorado ranks 14th nationally for the highest number of people on the state’s sex offender registry list according to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

People in Colorado who find themselves facing criminal charges relating to alleged sexual offenses will want to learn about the potential consequences of a conviction. One of these consequences may be the requirement to register as a sex offender.

High rate of registration in Colorado

The Greeley Tribune reported that a national study was conducted and found that only 13 states have more people in their sex offender registries than Colorado. The state has 339 out of every 100,000 residents registered as sex offenders. Nearby Kansas, Wyoming and South Dakota are all in the top 10 and Texas ranks number 10.

Not all registrations are for life

A report by Denver7 highlights that not all people required to register as sex offenders must do so for life, although that fact is somewhat controversial. People convicted of select offenses may be able to request removal from the registry after 10 years.

One example of this offense is the attempted child sexual assault by a person in a position of trust. The Colorado Bureau of Investigation adds that a juvenile may be able to be removed from the registry after successfully completing a court supervision program or period.

Registration categories

There are four distinct classifications on the Colorado sex offender registry, as follows:

· Any offender who does not register as an adult after being required to do so.

· Any person convicted as an adult of a felony sex offense that requires a registration.

· Any person with more than one conviction as an adult for violent or sexual offenses.

· Anyone deemed to be a sexually violent predator.

To be identified as a sexually violent predator, the person must not have known the alleged victim or must have been found to have met the person with the intent of committing a sex crime. Public notifications are made about persons listed as sexually violent predators in local communities.

Offenses outside of Colorado may be tracked

A person who has been convicted of an offense in another state that would require registration as a sex offender there or in Colorado may be required to register in Colorado if they move to Colorado after their conviction.

Legal help is essential

Anyone facing a sex crime charge should talk with an attorney in Colorado. Getting help as soon as possible is important to ensure that a defendant’s rights are properly protected, especially given the potentially long-lasting impact of a conviction for a sex offense.

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