Tips for using marijuana safely in Colorado

Learn how marijuana affects you and what you can do to enjoy your use with a few solid tips.

While marijuana is legal in Colorado, just like with alcohol, users have to know how to use it safely. Reckless use is likely to result in an unpleasant experience with the substance, and there is also the possibility of being charged with a drug crime. If you are unfamiliar with smoking, ingesting or otherwise using marijuana, it is best that you know how to go about it safely and understand how it affects your brain and body.

Make a plan

If you have never used marijuana before, or if you are using a new strain, it is best that you have a plan beforehand. Specifically, you want to take your first dose in the evening when you do not have any pressing matters or errands to tend to. You might want to have a trusted friend with you so you can tell the difference between reality and what you are seeing and feeling from the high. Keeping track of how long the high lasts is a good idea as well.

Have plenty of snacks

You will likely develop quite an appetite when smoking marijuana, so plan accordingly by buying healthy, tasty snacks beforehand so you are fully stocked. You might be surprised at just how much food you eat, so buy more than you think you need. In any case, it is unlikely to go to waste.

Know that you might become unbalanced or lightheaded

Something else to look out for when it comes to using marijuana is the fact that it might mess with your sense of balance or make you feel lightheaded. You will want to smoke somewhere with comfortable seating in case you start to become lightheaded, and take your time while walking around in case you suddenly become unbalanced. This is also why you do not want to drive when using marijuana; you do not want to be hit with a traffic offense.

Marijuana can impact your memory

You may have trouble remembering events that occurred while you were high, which is perfectly normal. This could be because the substance alters the way the brain processes information, but this has not yet been confirmed, only speculated.

It is always best to be cautious about using marijuana, even in the state of Colorado. If you ever find yourself in trouble with the law because of the substance, get in touch with a lawyer.

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