The reality of false sexual assault allegations

Take a look into false sexual assault allegations. How do they affect the accused? Should those making these false allegations face consequences?

For the past couple of years, there has been a real focus on sexual assaults and holding abusers accountable. Along with this came a movement to help victims feel more comfortable about coming forward. This movement focused on believing an accuser in every situation no matter the details. While it is wonderful that sexual assault victims are finding it easier to speak up, there has also been a downside to this movement: false allegations. If a person faces false allegations of sexual assault in Colorado, they may wonder what will happen next.

The immediate reaction

In today’s society, it is very likely that any sexual assault case will quickly become news. The Los Angeles Times explains that the court of public opinion often convicts on accusation alone. Thanks to social media stories get blown out of proportion quickly. It does not take much time for lives to be ruined.

Essentially, this reaction to condemn without evidence or hearing the whole case is robbing the accused of due process. However, society does not see the problem because there is a prevailing misconception that many believe is a fact. This is that false accusations are incredibly rare. The truth is that nobody knows the actual number when it comes to false and real reports, so nobody can say it happens rarely.

The aftermath

Once a person’s story of sexual assault goes public, it can devastate the accused. The Hill reports that those who face such accusations may lose his or her job, have trouble in relationships, face public scrutiny, undergo harassment, suffer financial loss and develop mental health problems. Another myth says there is no victim to a false accusation, but this is clearly untrue. The effects seriously damage a person’s life.

Punishing false accusers

There is a new movement to punish those who make false accusations. In every other area of law, when someone makes a false report to law enforcement, he or she faces legal consequences. In this one area, though, there has not been any instances that show the same will happen with false sexual assault accusations.

In fact, there is a huge opposition that says punishing false claims will make real victims afraid to come forward. However, those in support say it would actually help real victims because false accusations place doubt on any future accuser.

If you are facing false sexual assault accusations, you have options. You just need to work with an attorney who is familiar with this area of law, such as The Alternative Law Office of Marc Milavitz, P.C.

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