Do I need to use an IID in Colorado?

Workers’ compensation provides lost wage benefits as well as medical payment benefits for people injured on the job.

For most people in Colorado as well as around the nation, consuming alcohol is a normal part of social life. Whether it is sharing a special bottle of wine or champagne at a wedding or holiday event with family members or stopping for a drink after work on a Friday with colleagues, these are all considered acceptable and even fun.

The challenge with the acceptance of social drinking comes when it is time for people to go home. In many instances, that entails a person driving home. While certainly many people can have a drink or two and be well below the legal limit for intoxication, it is easier than some may think to hit that threshold and then be at risk of a drunk driving arrest.

Among the penalties related to this is the required use of an ignition interlock device. Understanding what this is and when it may be ordered is important for anyone over 21 years of age who drives in Colorado.

IID penalty basics

An IID is a way that a person may reinstate their driving privileges earlier than their originally planned license suspension would have allowed.

According to the Colorado Department of Revenue, a person who has been arrested for even their first-ever driving under the influence offense might end up needing to use an ignition interlock device.

The length of time that an IID is required may vary based upon the nature of the offense. For example, if a first-time DUI involves a blood alcohol level below 0.16 percent, the typical IID period is eight months. If the driver’s BAC was 0.16 or greater, the IID may be required for a full 24 months.

A refusal to take a chemical test or a second DUI may also find a driver being ordered to install and use an IID for two years in order to be able to drive during that time.

Costs of an IID

The Colorado Department of Transportation explains that a single DUI may cost a driver more than $10,000. Of that, as much as $1,400 or more may be for the installation and maintenance of an IID.

Private companies such as Intoxalock manufacture these devices and the costs for renting them is paid directly to them by the defendants. This includes installation, removal and any other costs in between.

Getting help after a DUI arrest

The use of an ignition interlock device is only one of many penalties a person may face after a drunk driving arrest in Colorado. With the cost and length of time that these penalties may last, it is always best for drivers to reach out to an attorney for help as soon as possible.

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