Crime in Boulder

Crime statistics can tell you a lot about a city. Find out more about crime in Boulder, CO. Learn how Boulder’s rates compare to the rates for the state.

Safety is always a top concern for residents in a city. People want to live in places where crime is low and they do not have to constantly worry about becoming a victim. Here is a look at the crime rates in Boulder and the state of Colorado and common questions about them.

How many officers are there per person in the city?

As of 2017, according to the city of Boulder, the city’s population was almost 109,000. Law enforcement was able to provide about two officers for every 1,000 people.

What were the numbers for violent crimes?

The reported crimes in the city for 2017, included fairly low numbers for violent crimes. There were only three murders reported the whole year. As far as sexual crimes, there were 41 rapes reported. Aggravated assault was higher with 220 reports. Finally, there were 38 robberies reported.

What are the most common crimes?

Property crimes had the highest numbers. There were 387 reports of burglary. Theft was pretty high compared to the other crimes with a total of 2,704 reports. Lastly, there were 437 reports of fraud.

What were the crime statistics statewide?

Putting these crime figures in perspective by looking at the crimes statewide can help a person to see that Boulder is actually quite safe. The Bureau of Investigation reported for 2017, there were a total of 220 murder cases in the state. The number of rape cases came in at 2,547, and aggravated assault cases numbered 12,711. There were 3,829 robbery cases. Moving to property crimes, burglary cases were at 22,334. There were 109,227 theft cases. Finally, the number of cases of fraud totaled, 23,599.

How safe really is the city of Boulder and the state of Colorado?

The only way to know this is to compare with the rest of the country. According to The Denver Post, there was an increase in crime in the state of 3.4 percent in 2016, which is the latest year available for comparison. The larger cities in Colorado saw more of an increase than other larger cities in the nation. Specifically, the concern is about the increase in the number of violent crimes. Even when adjusting for population increase, the numbers are still high and growing.

Why is crime growing?

There is no clear reason for the rise in crimes, but many officials have opinions. However, there is no clear reason for the rise in crime, only that it is occurring here in Colorado.

What should a person do if charged with a crime?

A criminal charge is something to take seriously. If a person finds him or herself on the wrong side of the statistics and facing a charge, then he or she should seek immediate legal assistance from a seasoned, skillful and successful criminal defense attorney, such as The Alternative Law Office of Marc Milavitz, P.C. Marc has successfully handled hundreds of criminal cases, both in federal and state court, and brings his high level of expertise to all of his clients, no matter how serious or complex their specific situation might be.

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