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One problem with our criminal justice system is that it tends to believe the accuser. At The Alternative Law Office of Marc Milavitz, P.C., in Boulder, I will take the time to investigate the context of the accusations and uncover facts that support your case.

I am attorney Marc Milavitz. I defend people charged with all types of criminal charges, including DUI/DWAI, domestic violence, sex offenses and drug crimes. I also help people who have past convictions clear their criminal records whenever that is possible. While I am located in Boulder, I defend people in cases across Colorado and in federal court across the United States. 

An Attorney Who Works for You

While every person is supposed to be presumed innocent, that is not always the case, particularly with sexual assault and other sex offenses. Once you are accused of a crime, the district attorney and police will focus their efforts on trying to obtain your conviction. The state won’t tell your side of the story. I will.

I take a humanistic approach to the practice of law. I give my clients the respect that the system often doesn’t. I spend a lot of time getting to know my clients so I can represent them as human beings before the judge, jury and district attorney.

When you retain me to represent you in a criminal case, my first rule is that you are my boss and I will do what you ask me to do. My second rule is that if I think you are making a bad decision, I will tell you. I am very upfront with my clients and will give you an honest appraisal of your case. While no attorney can guarantee a result in a criminal case, I do guarantee that I will do everything possible to defend you.

I have more than 20 years of criminal defense experience. I have successfully tried complex felony cases in state and federal courts, including United States v. Brian Gall, a landmark federal case that established an important rule favoring defendants in federal sentencing law. I successfully defended Mr. Gall at the trial level and was a key member of the appellate team that won at the United States Supreme Court.

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For more information or to schedule an initial conference with me, Boulder criminal defense lawyer Marc Milavitz, call 303-442-2166 or send me an e-mail through this website. I do offer a free initial telephone interview to determine whether or not I can help you.

United States v. Brian Gall



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